Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bad {new} blogger...

Yeah I totally suck at keeping this going hehe

Life is just crazy! Between work, family commitments, appointments and more so a case of the cbb's (can't be bothered) I have totally forgotten to come back and start sharing my love of all things craft!

I am still learning about blogging.. I still have no idea how to add photos to posts but that is something I need to figure out quick smart as I have LOTS of Project Life layouts to share

I WILL be back in the next few days...

Until then get crafty!


  1. Come on Shell, time you figured it out, lol....so you can share your creations :)

    1. Cheeky lol Yes working on the figuring it out part today while I'm stuck at home carless while Clinton gets his nerd fix lol


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